Rik Hoddinott is a British artist who was born and brought up in Chester in the northwest of England, though he has lived for several years in Kentucky with his wife the artist and photographer Jenni Goossens.
From 2018 they have decided to spend more time in the UK, and will be busy with a series of new art projects.

For many years Rik has been a portrait artist, and worked in a variety of media from watercolors to oil.
To begin promoting his work in the UK he will be offering a range of great value portraits at a standard size and price:

Canvas sizeprice
30cm x 23cm (12 in x 9 in) - shallow profile   75
40cm x 50cm (16 in x 20 in) - shallow profile   120
50cm x 76cm (20 in x 30 in) - deep profile   160

Prices include everything (with free delivery in the Chester area) and most paintings will be completed in 2 weeks.
For every extra portrait commissioned there is a discount on the total of 25% - so if you ordered 4 paintings, you would only pay for 3.
If you want a different sizes please just ask for a quote - Rik is happy to paint any subject onto any size canvas.
No deposit is charged, and customers are never under an obligation to buy - you will only pay for a portrait if you really love it.

Tel  073 783 027 33
email  louisville.portraits@gmail.com

Some of Rik's work and the painting medium he used:

Chroma Acrylic & Talens Watercolor


Chroma Alkyd Oils with M. Graham walnut alkyd medium

Blick Linseed Oils

Chroma Alkyd Oils

Talens Watercolor on Daler cotton rag paper


Liquitex Fluid Acrylics

Chroma Alkyd Oils, Senellier acrylic background

Other art projects

Encaustic work by Jenni Goossens, Celtic dreamscapes, legends & stories

Fine Art America


The Last English King
This is an idea by Rik and Jenni to micro-publish books that are illustrated entirely by hand, so every book has its own unique and original artwork

The first title: The Last English King, contains 26 pages with text printed on 140 lb watercolor paper and 24 illustrations in genuine pen & watercolor

Sample pages:

Copyright Richard Hoddinott 2018